Automated Translations on GitHub

LocaleBadger is a powerful tool that automates the internationalization (i18n) of software repositories on GitHub. With LocaleBadger, you can effortlessly manage translations, ensuring your message reaches a global audience.

Translation i18n for GitHub

Speak like a local. Globally.

Increased Engagement

Speaking to users in their native language creates a stronger connection and fosters engagement. When individuals can understand and relate to your content, they are more likely to stay engaged, explore further, and take desired actions, such as making a purchase or sharing your message.

Improved User Experience

Providing content in users' preferred languages enhances their overall experience. It eliminates language barriers, allowing them to navigate your website, app, or communication effortlessly. This leads to a more positive user experience, higher satisfaction, and increased likelihood of repeat visits or usage.

Expanded Reach

By translating your content into different languages, you can expand your reach to a global audience. Addressing people in their own language helps you tap into untapped markets and target specific regions or demographics. This opens up new opportunities for growth, user acquisition, and market penetration.

Enhanced Trust and Credibility

When you communicate in a user's native language, it builds trust and credibility. It shows that you value and respect their culture, making them more receptive to your message. Localized content demonstrates a commitment to understanding their needs, which can positively influence their perception of your brand or product.

Competitive Advantage

Catering to users in their own language can give you a competitive edge, especially in markets where localization is not commonly practiced. By addressing this gap and providing a seamless experience across languages, you position yourself as a brand that truly cares about user needs, potentially gaining a competitive advantage over competitors.

Access to Long-Tail Markets

Long-tail languages, though individually smaller in user base, can collectively represent a significant market. By catering to these languages, you can tap into niche markets with lower competition and potentially find loyal user bases eager for localized content. This can lead to increased user retention and growth opportunities.

Is LocaleBadger for you?

LocaleBadger is perfect for individual developers, indie hackers, or small teams who want to reach a global audience with their message.

Whether you lack the time or resources for dedicated translation teams, LocaleBadger streamlines the translation process, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

With LocaleBadger, you can fully integrate internationalization (i18n) and translation into your Gatsby website or application, ensuring a localized experience for your global users.


Save Time

Say goodbye to manual internationalization (i18n) processes. LocaleBadger automates the generation of translation files, saving you valuable time and effort.

Effortless Translation Management

LocaleBadger takes care of internationalization (i18n) tasks, minimizing your mental effort and allowing you to focus on core development and innovation.

Reduce Mistakes

With LocaleBadger, you can eliminate human errors in translations. Our tool ensures accurate translations and complete coverage for a seamless user experience.

How It Works

Automated Updates
Whenever a pull request is created, LocaleBadger scans the commits for language file modifications. If any language files are changed, added, or removed, LocaleBadger automatically updates the translation files in a separate pull request.
Easy Configuration
Easily set up LocaleBadger by adding a simple YAML file to your repository. Define the root language (e.g., English) and the translations you require (e.g., Spanish, French, etc.).
Repository-wide Sync
Need to sync all translation files across your repository? LocaleBadger has you covered. Simply request a repository-wide sync, and LocaleBadger will generate a separate pull request with all the necessary updates.
Bring Your Own Key
LocaleBadger allows you to provision your own Google Cloud Translate API keys, ensuring control and security over your translation process.


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